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The river Zeimena (the river Neris tributary, Svencionys district)

The river Zeimena flows in Vilnius county, Svencionys district, the river Neris right tributary.

Length of the river 80 km, the basin area 2813 km ². The Zeimena flows out from the lake Zeimenis at Kaltanenai town. Flows south and southwest. Flows into the river Neris 213 km from its mouth at Santaka village, 12 km south from Pabrade town. From Kaltanenai town to Pabrade town the river is curvy, the valley with terraces, wide (in some places up to 5 km), slopes height 25-30 m. At Pabrade town the valley narrows to 1 km, downstream a bit widening; 2-3 km to mouth narrows again. Rated discharge at Kaltanenai town: max 15.3 m³/s, average 6.24 m³/s, min in summer 2.36 m³/s, min in winter 3,08 m³/s; at Pabrade town (18 km to mouth): max 112 m³/s, average 22.2 m³/s, min in summer 8.70 m³/s, min in winter 5,93 m³/s. Average rated discharge at the mouth 27.0 m³/s. At Pabrade town in spring runs off 36%, in summer 20%, in autumn 21%, in winter 23% of the total annual volume of water. Maximum annual water-level fluctuations amplitude is 1.6 m. The Zeimena river runoff quite stable, because it regulates the lakes (covering 7% of the basin area). forests (31%), swamps (10%). In the Zeimena basin is more than 60 lakes.

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Distance from the mouth

79.9 The Zeimena flows out from the lake Zeimenis. The river flows through pine forests, the banks high, sandy outcrops. The current average. Average gradient to the river Luknele 31 cm/km. The river width to the mouth 15-30 m.

78.9 Svencioneliai - Utena road bridge. Kaltanenai.

76.6 Railway bridge.

75.7 left Sakaliske.

75.6 right Kiauna.

73.4 left Seniuskis.

70.9 right Luknele. right Lukna. Average gradient to the river Lakaja 24 cm/km.

66.7 right Sirgela. right Jusiai.

65.6 left Sventele - Deme. The current calms, the banks low, in some places high, in some places swampy.

59.9 Bridge. left Svencioneliai. right Platumai. The current calm, the banks low, swampy.

57.9 Pedestrian bridge. left Svencioneliai.

56.7 left Svencioneliai.

55.5 left Dobis.

54.7 right Garnys. left hillfort Paduobe.

52.2 left Miežis. left Sudota. left close to the river railway.

48.8 right Lakaja. Average gradient Baltadvaris village 43 cm/km. The banks high, only in some places low, swampy. Current approaching the mouth gradually accelerating.

47.6 left close to the river railway.

47.3 Bridge. right Rimkai. left Liuline.

45.0 left Jaunadvaris.

35.9 right Mazalote. right fish ponds.

34.5 left Saria.

30.1 left Pazeimene.

28.6 left Mera.

26.8 right Meskerine. left Sulkiskiai.

25.0 right Baltadvaris. Average gradient to the river Dubinga 51 cm/km.

21.1 left Gorka. left Vovere. left close to the river railway.

19.3 right Pabrade.

17.5 right Dubinga. 20 m downstream Vilnius - Svencionys road bridge. Pabrade. Average gradient to the mouth 64 cm/km.

16.5 Pedestrian bridge.

15.5 Hanging pedestrian bridge.

14.5 right Silniskiai.

13.5 left Skerdiksna.

11.9 left Vazeliske.

10.3 right Ciubele.

9.6 left Azutakis.

8.6 right Sapiegiskes.

7.5 left Petruske. left Pailgiai.

5.0 right Jusine. right Jusine.

3.0 right Pauzupis.

2.3 right Pazaliese.

1.7 Bridge. left Druziliai.

1.5 right Savalka.

0.0 The Zeimena flows into the river Neris. Before the mouth hanging pedestrian bridge. right Santaka.

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