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The river Anyksta (Utena and Anyksciai districts, Lithuania)

The river Anyksta flowing in Utena and Anyksciai districts, the river Sventoji left tributary.

Length of the river 37 km, the catchment area 140 km ². The river flows out from the lake Vidingstas, 9 km to the southwest from Utena city. Flowing to northwest. From the lake Versmynas to the lake Smulkis called the Versmyne,   flows through the lakes Musejus, Dusynas and  Rubikiai  and called the Smulke, below the lake Rubikiai called Anyksta. Flows into the river Sventoji 87 km from its mouth, at  Anyksciai town. The gradient to the lake Musejus 190 cm / km, 5 km stretch to the mouth 800 cm / km. Average discharge at the mouth 1.18 m³ / s.

At higher water level. Spring, or after heavy rains

Shallows, rapids, strainers, dams

WW 2- (3+).

Distance from the mouth

14.4  The river flows out from the lake Rubikiai.

14.3 Bridge. left Klykunai. The river is flowing through meadows. Several strainers.

12.6 Bridge. left Burbiskis.

11.8 Bridge. right Pagrauziai. (Burbiskis). After the bridge the river flows through a tube. You can pass. Strainers.

11.3 The former water mill dam drop. Height about 0.5 m. The river winds through quiet meadows.

10.7 The river flows through a swamp. Beaver dams and strainers.

9.7 The banks of the river  become higher and steeper, number of strainers in the river.

9.2 Bridge. right Bicionys. The river flows under the bridge in small tubes. Portage.

6.0  Anyksciai - Rubikiai road bridge. left Zazumbris. The banks are steep, high, many strainers.

5.9 The broken dam At higher water navigated. WW 3-. Downstream strainers, rapids and strong stream.

3.0 The banks starts to descend.

1.5 The river calms down. Several strainers.

0.8 The broken Anyksciai HPP dam Height  4m. WW 3+. Navigated, but dangerous.

0.6 Bridge. Anyksciai.

0.2 Low small bridge At high water level portage.

0.0 The Anyksta flows into the river Sventoji. Anyksciai

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