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The river Kriauna (the lake Sartai tributary, Rokiskis di

The river Kriauna flows in Latvia and in Lithuania (Rokiskis district), the river Sventoji right tributary.

Length of the river 45 km (in Lithuania 35 km), the basin area 354 km ² (in Lithuania 288 km²). The source is in Latvia. In Lithuania flows through the lake Kriaunelis. Flows into the lake Sartai at Kriaunos village. Average gradient in Lithuania 33 cm / km. Average rated discharge at the mouth 2.62 m³/s.

All year

Low footbridges, water plants, strainers, small rapid

WW 0 (1)

Distance from the mouth

30.7 North side of the lake Kriaunelis. right Ignotiskis. Near (40 m) Pakriauniai - Samaniai road.

29.8 The Kriauna flows out from south side of the lake Kriaunelis. Current very calm. At the river forests. The banks low, the riverbed width 10-15 m. Average gradient to Rakaliskis village 13 cm/km.

27.4 Small bridge. right Pakriauniai.

27.0 left the brook K-5. right Pakriauniai. Current very calm. The river width in some places only few meters. In some places river looks like small lake.

24.6 right Rakaliskis. Average gradient to the lake Nasis 49 cm/km.

22.8 Railway bridge. Dowstream the river flows through small lake.

21.8 High-voltage line.

21.3 left the brook K-3.

19.3 Bridge. left Antanase.

18.5 Zarasai - Obeliai road bridge. right Obeliai. left Antanase. Current calm. At the river small forests. The banks low, overgrown by trees and bushes. The river width approx. 10 m, in some places stones in the riverbed. Can be a few strainers. The river to the brook Akmene channeled.

17.9 right Akmene.

17.6 left the brook flows from the lake Nasis. right Mazeikiai. left the lake Nasis. Average gradient to the brook from right 5 cm/km.

14.9 right the brook.. Average gradient to the brook from left 40 cm/km.

11.7 left the brook. Average gradient to the mouth 25 cm/km.

10.6 right the brook flows from the lake Azubaliai.

9.9 On the site former Uzukriaunis water mill small rapid.

9.6 Vytenai - Bajorai road bridge. left Uzukriaunis. At the river in some places small forests. On the banks grow trees, bushes. Current calm.

7.7 left the brook K-2.

7.5 right the brook K-1 flows from the lake Pakene.

5.6 Small bridge. Pakriaunys.

3.4 Kriaunai - Vytenai road bridge. left Kriaunos.

1.1 The river width 25-30 m. left Stravai.

0.0 The Kriauna flows into the lake Sartai. (the river Sventoji).

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