Upių labirintasKelionės į Gruziją

The river Alantas (Plunge and Kretinga districts)

The river Alantas flowing in Plunge and Kretinga districts, the river Minija left tributary.

Length  39 km, the catchment area 139 km ². Source in swamps near Mižuikiai village, Flowing to northwest, empties into the river Minija 91 km from the mouth near Kartena town. Tributaries: Geldupis, Zvalginis, Karkluoje (all right). Riverbed is very windy. Average  gradient 227 cm / km. Valley deep (40 m). Rated discharge at at the mouth: maximum 30 m³ / s average 1.81 m³ / s, minimum 0.1 m³ / s. Runoff module is very high - 13 l / s of km ².

At higher water level. Spring, or after heavy rains

Shallows, rapids, boulders, strainers

WW 1+ (2)

Distance from the mouth

7.4 right Karkluoje.

7.1  Velaiciai - Gaudutis road bridge. The gradient to the mouth 379 cm / km. River bed width 6-11m. The river runs through the forest. Rapids, small rapids, strainers, stones in the riverbed. The bridge can be reached from Klaipeda - Siauliai highway, at Dauginciai turn to south, to Gaudutis, Velaiciai direction. From the turning to the bridge 2 km.

6.1 right Rupsupis. right Gauduciai.

5.0 right hillfort Gauduciai.

4.0 left Tyrupalis. left Velaiciai. left hillfort Velaiciai.

3.2 right A-2. right close to the river  Klaipeda - Siauliai highway.

1.8 On old water mill dam site rapid.

1.7 left Duobupis. Bridge.

1.2 left A-1. right  Gintarai.

0.3  Kartena - Gargzdai road bridge.

0.2 Bridge.

0.0 The Alantas flows into the river Minija. Kartena town.

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