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The river Krazante (the river Dubysa tributary, Kelme district)

The river Krazante flows in Siauliai county, Kelme district, the river Dubysa right tributary.

Length of the river 96 km, the basin area 386 km ². The source 9 km south from Varniai village. From the source to the brook Kulpe flows to southeast, downsteam to northeast. The Krazante flows into the river Dubysa 111 km from its mouth at Padubysys village. In upper section to the brook Raudupis the river channeled. In the river many boulders. Average gradient 114 cm/km. Rated discharge at Prusinskiai village (6 km to mouth): max 109 m³/s, average 4.18 m³/s, min in summer 0.10 m³/s, min in winter 0.021 m³/s. In spring runs off 46%, in the summer 7%, in autumn 17%, in winter 30% of the total annual volume of water.

At higher water level. Spring, or after heavy rains

Rapids, shalows, dam, strainers

WW 0/1 (2-)

Distance from the mouth

49.6 Taurage - Siauliai road bridge. To the brook Vegele current calm, downstream average. Average gradient to Rimidziai village 65 cm/km. The riverbed width 7-10 m.

48.6 Small bridge. right Simaiciai.

47.9 Small bridge. right Simaiciai.

47.7 Small bridge. right Simaiciai.

47.6 Bridge. right Simaiciai.

45.6 left Vegele.

44.4 right Zadvainiai.

42.9 left Vezaiciai.

41.8 right Kuzokai. Small rapid.

41.1 Small road ford.

39.2 right Bumbulai.

37.8 right Sakaliai.

36.4 right Pakrazantokai. Downstream a few small rapids.

34.6 right Slaunis. right Rikantai.

34.1 Country road ford. right Rikantai.

31.4 left Laukiai. Average gradient to Kukeciai village 87 cm/km.

30.4 right Rimidziai.

28.8 Small bridge.

28.4 left Kakoniske.

27.7 right Daujociai.

26.6 Rapid. left Kelme.

24.4 right Diksiai. Curren calm.

23.5 Beginning of the pond.

23.3 bridge. Kelme.

23.0 The water mill dam.

22.8 Bridge. Kelme. The riverbed average width to the mouth 10 m.

22.1 Hanging pedestrian bridge. Kelme.

20.5 Small bridge. left Kelme.

18.6 Small bridge.

18.3 Pedestrian bridge. left Kelme. right Zvilgiai.

16.3 right the brook K-2.

14.0 left Vilbenas.

13.9 Kelme - Tytuvenai road bridge. right Paverpenis. left Kukeciai.

11.1 left Kukeciai. Downstream in the river rapids, stones, boulders. The current fast.

10.5 Country road ford. Average gradient to the mouth 183 cm/km.

10.4 right Paverpenys. right forest to the mouth.

8.9 right Gumyza 1st.

8.7 right Gumyza 2nd.

5.5 right hillfort Burbaiciai. right Burbaiciai.

4.8 left Prusinskiai.

1.3 right Padubysys.

0.7 Hanging pedestrian bridge.

0.0 The Krazante flows into the river Dubysa. Take out better a bit downstream at bridge over the Dubysa.

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