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The river Graumena (the river Salpe tributary, Silute district)

The river Graumena flows in Silute and Silale district, the river Salpe left tributary.

Length of the river 29 km, the catchment area 450 km ². The source of the river is at Uzvieniai village, 7 km to the west from Kvedarna town. From the source to Koncaiciai village flows to southwest, below - to northwest. The river flows into the river Salpe 12 km from its mouth at Jonikai village. Average gradient 237 cm/km. Average rated discharge at the mouth 1,25 m³/s.

At high water level. Spring flood, or after heavy rains

Shallows, rapids, boulders, strainers

WW 0/1 (1+)

Distance from the mouth

7.9  right Judre. right Pakalniskiai. Riverbed width 6-8 m. Strainers, stones, some boulders, a few shallow rapids.

6.8 Road Sveksna - Judrenai bridge. left Gedminaiciai.

4.7 Bridge. right Bareikiai. left Jurkiske.

4.6 right Kalapis. Average gradient to the mouth 148 cm/km.

3.2 left Jurkiske.

0.0 The river Graumena flows into the river Salpe. left Snypsliai. right Petraiciai.