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The river Patekla (the river Virvycia tributary, Telsiai district)

The river Patekla flows in Telsiai county, Telsiai district, the river Virvicia left tributary.

Length of the river 36 km, the basin area 332 km ². The source at Kalnenai village, 4 km southwest from Telsiai town. Flows to southeast through the lake Tausalas. From the source to Pateklenai village calls the Tausalas. Flows into the river Virvicia 46 km from its mouth at Svyraiciai village, 7 km southwest from Tryskiai town. Average gradient 113 cm/km. Average rated discharge downstream the lake Tausalas 0.26 m³/s, at the mouth 2.82 m³/s.

At higher water level. Spring, or after heavy rains

Shalows, dam, strainers

WW 0 (1)

Distance from the mouth

13.2 right Mastupis. right Geruliai. left Juodsode. The river meanders through meadows. Current calm.

12.6 right Gervainys. The river width up to 20 m.

12.1 right Babrute.

11.5 left the brook P-1.

8.5 left Girupis.

8.1 left Siltupis. left Kirsiai. The pond of Ubiske HPP begins.

6.4 left Urkupis.

5.4 right Levenciupis. right Levenciai.

5.1 The dam of Ubiske HPP. Height 3 m, area of the pond 73 ha. left Pateklenai. right Ubiske. The river width approx. 20 m. Current calm. At the banks bushes.

0.0 The Patekla flows into the river Virvicia. left Svyraiciai.

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