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The river Aitra (the river Jura tributary, Plunge and Silale districts)

The river Aitra flows in Plunge and Silale districts, the river Jura left tributary.

Length 39 km, the catchment area of 233 km ². Starts 3 km northeast from Tverai. Flows to southwest. The river flows in the Jura river 134 km from the mouth, at Grimzdai. River bed from the source to Tverai regulated, up to 1 m in width, further opens up to 6-10 m, 10-15 m at lower part. Average depth of 0.5 m, maximum depth (2 m) at Labardziai. Upper slope (5 km from the springs) 1348 cm / km, avgerage gradient 242 cm / km. Runoff is very high: 13.2 l / s of km ². Rated discharge at at the mouth: maximum 40 m³ / s, average 3.08 m³ / s, minimum 0.3 m³ / s. 60% of the Aitra catchment area is swampy forest.

At higher water level. Spring, or after heavy rains

Shallows, small rapids, boulders, strainers

WW 1 (2-)

Distance from the mouth

22.9 Zemaiciu highway bridge. Average flow rate of 1.36 m³ / s. left Labardziai. right Jucaiciai. Below Labardziai the Aitra flowing through the forest. The riverbed is very windy, steep banks, several meters in height. Shallows. Many strainers.

20.8 Small bridge.

19.6 left Gerve.

15.5 left Momys. The gradient to the mouth 63 cm / km.

13.4 left tributary.

13.2 Wooden bridge. right Bagdonavas (farm).

10.7 Road ford.

9.6 Bridge. left Girenai.

8.4 right tributary. Hanging bridge.

8.2 left Ymeze. right Girenai. Strainers ends. Starts the Girenai former water mill dam pond.

7.3 Girenai former water mill dam. Can easily portage. Right ruins of the mill, left highway rest area.

7.2 Kaunas - Klaipeda highway bridge. Under the bridge a long small rapid. Below the river opens, the stream slows down. The river flowing through the mixed spruce-hardwood forests, in riverbed strainers and beaver dams. In some places the vessels is needed to portage.

2.4 Rietavas - Silale road bridge. Under the bridge small rapid. Be aware - in the river is sharp concrete debris. left Lembas. Little below the river gradient increases, the bed quite a few boulders, small rapids. Several strainers and beaver dams.

1.4 In the bed a large boulder called the Velnio Krase.

0.0 The Aitra empties into the river Jura.

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