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The river Obelis (the river Nevezis tributary, Kedainiai district)

The river Obelis flows in Ukmerge and Kedainiai districts, the river Nevezis left tributary.

Length of the river 54 km, the basin area 674 km ². The source at Siesikai village. Flows to west and southwest. Flows into the river Nevezis 56 km from its mouth, 2 km southwest from Kedainiai town. The riverbed dominating width 5-12 m, depth 0.2-0.6 m, at mouth 2.5 m. Average gradient 111 cm/km. The banks height 0.2-1.6 m, in outcrops 6-14 m. The valley mostly open, width 200-220 m; slopes height 8-14 m. Speed of current 0.2-0.3 m/s. Rated discharge at Tauciunai village (9 km to mouth): max 227 m³/s, average 3.53 m³/s, min in summer 0.020 m³/s, min in winter 0.001 m³/s. During spring floods the water in the river rises in upper section up to 2 m, in lower section up to 3 m. Sometimes rain floods is bigger than spring flood. In upper section in summer the riverbed overgrown by water plants

At higher water level. Spring, or after heavy rains

Small rapids, shalows, dams, strainers

WW 0 (1)

Distance from the mouth

27.0 Bridge. Seta. Average discharge approx. 2.0 m³/s. The riverbed width 5-7 m. The river flows through meadows, the banks high, bare. Current speed average, in some places shalows, small rapids.

23.8 Seta - Stasaiciai road bridge. left Paksciai. On the banks trees and bushes. Can be a few strainers.

21.2 right Petraiciu upelis. left the ponds.

20.4 right Sumera. right Zemieji Kapliai. left the ponds.

17.2 right Suleva. The pond of Bubliai begins. right Aukstieji Kapliai. left the ponds.

15.2 Bridge. left the ponds.

14.5 left Lankesa. Average gradient to the mouth 107 cm/km.

13.7 left Geguzine. left Valkaiciai.

11.4 left Piltyna.

10.6 right Malcius. right Aristava.

9.8 The dam of Bubliai HPP. Height 5 m, area of the pond 189 ha.

9.4 Via Baltica (E67) highway bridge. right Aristavėle. left Tauciunai.

9.0 right Malcius.

5.7 The dam of Juodkiskiai HPP. Height 12 m, area of the pond 83 ha. left Juodkiskiai. Current calm. The river width up to 15 m.

5.0 Railway bridge.

4.9 Two bridges. Left factory "Lifosa". The banks high. Current fast, some small rapids. The river width approx. 10 m. Before the mouth current calms.

3.9 Small dam. right Kedainiai greenhouses.

1.6 Kedainiai - Babtai road bridge. right Paobelys.

0.0 The Obelis flows into the river Nevezis. left Paobelys.

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