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The river Serksne (tributary of river the Venta, Mazeikiai district)

The river Serksne flows in Telsiai county, Telsiai and Mazeikiai districts, the river Venta left tributary.

Length of the river 56 km, the basin area 285 km ². The source at Petraiciai village, 8 km north from Telsiai town. Flows to northwest through the lakes Markiskiu, Siliniskes and Plinksiu; at lower section, from Mazeikiai - Ylakiai road flows to northeast. To the lake Plinksiai calls Markija. The Serksne flows into the river Venta 195 km from its mouth at Bugeniai village, 6 km northwest from Mazeikiai town. Average gradient 144 cm/km. Average rated discharge downstream the lake Plinksiai 0.96 m³/s, at the mouth 2.56 m³/s.

At higher water level. Spring, or after heavy rains.

Rapids, shalows, dams, strainers.

WW 0/1 (1+).

Distance from the mouth

38.2 The Serksne flows out from the lake Plinksiu. Bridge. right Plinkses. The river section of 1.3 km length channeled. Average gradient to the brook S-1 125 cm/km. The river width to the mouth 10-15 m.

37.1 Small bridge.

36.0 Seda - Rubikiai road bridge. right Kalniskiai.

35.1 left Rubikaliai.

32.6 left the brook S-1. right Ketunai. Average gradient to the Zemale - Tirksliai road bridge 167 cm/km.

31.5 Bridge.

29.4 Seda - Tirskliai road bridge. left Paserksne.

29.2 The Ketunai pond begins.

28.6 Bridge. The dam. Height 0.5 m. right Skuodo Ketunai.

27.0 left Saka.

24.7 right Nendre.

24.4 Begins the Serksnenai pond.

23.6 Bridge. right Serksnenai.

23.1 The dam of Serksnenai HPP. Height 4 m, area of the pond 17 ha.

21.2 Zemale - Tirksliai road bridge. left Lecaiciai. Average gradient to the Mazeikiai - Ylakiai road bridge 117 cm/km.

19.7 left Saka I. The river flows through forest.

13.5 right Kiminiskes.

9.7 left Vaidotas. Forest at the river ends.

8.9 left Purupis. left Liudenai.

8.1 left Repsiai.

6.0 Bridge. right Bugeniai.

4.7 Mazeikiai - Ylakiai road bridge. Average gradient to the mouth 282 cm/km.

3.5 right Liksnakiai.

1.6 right Zastauciai.

0.0 The Serksne flows into the river Venta.

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