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The river Mituva (the river Nemunas tributary, Jurbarkas district)

Mituva flowing Raseinių and Jurbarko district. Nemunas ds. tributary. Length of 102 km, the catchment area of ​​776 km ². Starts at Verėduvaitės, 8 km š.v. from Ariogalos, 1 km from Dubysa. Originally flows into p. Before Gausantę turns to wind. Since Vidaujos - the pr The river flows into the Neman 124 miles from its mouth, Jurbarke. Vaga upper channeled, 1.5-2 m wide, middle reaches 5-9 m, 12-15 m wide downstream. Depth of the upper and middle reaches 0.2-0.8 m, 0.7-1.5 m in the lower reaches. Avg. slope of 100 cm / km. Shores 1-2 m tall, overgrown with bushes. Valley 300-500 m wide, its slopes are 10-20 m in height. Spring and autumn floods abrupt and short. Middle reaches of the water rises to 1.5-3 m in the lower reaches up to 4 meters. The spring run off nearly half of the annual volume of water fall - about 30%. In summer, most places do not have a constant flow of the river, the water is of different interfaces. Avg. estuary flow 5.4 m³ / s. Flow speed of 0.2-0.4 m.

It is recommended to proceed at a higher water level.

Rift, dams, burr.

WW 0/1 (1 +)


69.0 Volungiškiai HE Dam. Height of 8 m. Affluent area of ​​68 ha. Middle River. flow rate of 1.5 m³ / s. The trip started as soon as convenient to below the Stakiu.

68.9 dš.Bebulys.

64.3 Bridge. kr.Stakiai. It is convenient to begin the trip.

63.7 kr.Snietala. The river is supplemented with 0:35 m³ / s. kr.Dangutiškė. River width of 5-7 m. Up to the bridge Barzdžių cr. bank of some cliffs. Avg. slope to Barzdžių 98 cm / km. Rare banks.

63.3 A small bridge.

59.6 Bridge. dš.Pamituvys.

53.7 Bridge. dš.Barzdžiai. Avg. slope before the start of the affluent Girdžiai 70 cm / km. It is very rare for banks. The river flows to Vidaujos fields. Shores overgrown with bushes, trees.

51.8 dš.Pauliai.

50.5 Bridge.

49.5 Bridge. dš.Baužiai.

47.3 dš.Alsa. Below Avg. flow rate of 2.5 m³ / s.

46.1 kr.Paukštupis. kr.Drebulynė.

44.3 dš.Pažerai.

42.2 Girdžiai affluent start.

41.6 Bridge. dš.Jokūbaičiai.

40.5 dš.Tidikas.

39.1 dš.Juodupis.

38.2 Girdžiai HE Dam. Height of 6 m. Affluent area of ​​58 ha. Girdžiai.

37.4 Bridge.

34.9 dš.Gurnupis. dš.Miliušiai. kr.Kriceviškiai.

32.5 dš.Skardupis. Avg. slope to Vidaujos 103 cm / km. Rare banks. River width of 8-12 m.

30.1 ac-cording Eržvilkas Road Bridge. Immediately after the bridge the river flows concrete trough (about 100 m). Trough at the end of tiltukas. dš.Dargaitėliai.

29.0 Bridge. dš.Žindaičiai. kr.Mikutaičiai I.

27.8 dš.Intakaitis.

26.0 dš.Vidauja. (The largest tributary of the Mituvos). Below vid.debitas about 4 m³ / s. dš.Vėlėniškiai. kr.Valuckai. Slightly below the river from the DS. approaches the high-Jurbarko Smalininkų of the forest forests that extend up Jurbarko.

23.8 dš.Globys. dš.Banzinai I kr.Banzinai II.

23.0 dš.Skardžius. kr.Užkalniai.

22.2 kr.Vertimai. Fusing all quiet - begins Jurbarkai HE head.

21.3 dš.Kamė. dš.Kažėmėkai.

20.6 kr.Antvardė. kr.Mantviliai.

20.2, the bed huge stone Skilandis, you can see some of the affluent water level is low.

18.3 dš.Mantviliai I kr.Mantviliai II.

16.4 dš.Pėdamė. kr.Antkalniai.

15.2 kr.Vajota. kr.Jokimiškiai. kr.Meškininkų mound.

14.3 dš.Meškininkai.

12.3 kr.Skardupis. kr.Lemantiškiai.

11.8 kr.Lygutis.

10.4 kr.Geišdaubė. dš.Vanaginė. kr.Rukšniai.

8.9 kr.Račintakis.

8.5 kr.Gilioji Grabo.

8.2 Jurbarkai HE Dam. Height of 10 m. Affluent area of ​​220 ha. Below the river current is calm, but in places shallow shoals, rocks in the bed. kr.Jurbarkai.

6.8 Begins 3 km Smukučių loop. The distance straight from the beginning to the end of the loop only 250 m.

6.2 navigated Smukučių dam about 1 m in height threshold.

2.2 Bridge (Bliudzius). Starts Jurbarkas.

1.9 Begins artificial watercourse dug the nineteenth century. At the end of the runs down close to Manor Park. Kr. 300 m starts Manor Park. The park sculpture Vinco Mushroom Museum.

1.3 Pedestrian Bridge. Kr. is preserved manor buildings. The river completely quiet.

1.0 Jurbarko-Silutes road bridge. Jurbarkas.

0.7 The river flows artificially broadened and deepened channel. Dš.prieplauka for recharge gravel barges.

0.4 kr.Imsrė.

0.0 Mituva flows into the Neman.