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The river Misupe (the river Minija tributary, Kretinga district)

The river Misupe flows in Plunge and Kretinga districts, the river Minija right tributary.

Length of the river 27 km, the basin area 56 km ². The source at Siurbliai village, 7 km northwest from Plunge town. Flows to west through the lakes Remtis and Mise. Flows into the river Minija 103 km from its mouth at Pristoviai village. The river descends from the western slope of Samogitian upland so gradient is very big: average gradient 355 cm/km, in lower section (length 2 km) 900 cm/km. Average rated discharge at the mouth 0.71 m³/s.

At high water level. Spring flood, or after heavy rains

Rapids, shalows, strainers

WW 1-/1 (2)

Distance from the mouth

10.3 Bridge. Seleniai. Current speed fast. The closer you get to the mouth current accelerates, the banks higher, gradient biger, number of rapids increase. On the banks trees and bushes, in some places small forests. The riverbed narrow, width approx. 5 m.

9.1 right Seleniai.

7.5 right the brook.

6.0 left Mitupis.

5.2 right the brook.

5.1 Bridge. right Stropeliai. The river flows through forest.

4.8 left the brook.

4.7 Railway bridge. The valley deep, the banks steep, high. Up to mouth small rapids, can be strainers.

4.3 left the brook M-1.

3.7 Bridge.

2.0 right Stropeliai.

1.3 right the brook. Average gradient to the mouth 1338 cm/km.

0.9 left Prystovai.

0.0 The Misupe flows into the river Minija.

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