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The river Ringuva (the river Venta tributary, Siauliai district)

The river Ringuva flows in Siauliai county, Siauliai district, the river Venta right tributary.

Length of the river 37 km, the basin area 351 km ². The source at Palaiciai village, 6 km west from Siauliai city. Flows to north and northwest, in lower section, from Paringuviai village flows to southwest. Flows into the river Venta 276 km from its mouth at Ringuvenai village, 3 km north from Kursenai town. Average gradient 74 cm/km. Rated discharge at the Gedinciai village (2 km to mouth) max 95.9 m³/s, average 1.96 m³/s, min minimalus 0.002 m³/s.

Better at higher water level

Water plants

WW 0 (1-)

Distance from the mouth

20.4 Kuziai - Gruzdziai road bridge. left Kuziai. Average gradient to the brook Sekstys 108 cm/km. The river to Minkstakiai village channeled, width 10-15 m. The river flows through meadows, the banks bare.

19.7 right the brook R-6.

19.6 left Amale. right Norutaiciai.

18.8 left the brook R-4.

18.2 The river flows through forest. left Amaliai.

15.5 right Gulbinas.

13.9 right Minkstakiai. Forest ends. The river flows through meadows, the banks bare, only in some places grows bushes.

11.9 Bridge. Ruveliai.

8.6 left Gergzdas.

8.5 right Sekstys. Average gradient to the mouth 48 cm/km. The current calm.

7.5 Bridge. left Paringuvis.

6.5 Bridge. right Cigonai.

5.9 right the brook R-2. right Uzringuvis.

4.9 Bridge.

4.7 right Lukstas. right Palukstys.

4.3 right Vervedis.

3.7 Railway bridge. left Drasuciai.

2.0 right Gedinciai.

0.8 Kursenai - Mazeikiai road bridge. left Kursenai.

0.0 The Ringuva flows into the river Venta.

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