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The river Akmena (the river Jura tributary, Silale Taurage districts)

The river Akmena flowing in Silale and Taurage districts, the river Jura left tributary.

Length  80 km, the catchment area 386 km ². Starts at marshy foot of the hill Medvegalis, near Skabuciai. Flows to the southwest. From spring to the tributary Asvija the river called the Raudys. The river flows in the river Jura 72 km from its mouth, a little below the Pagramantis village. River bed width to the tributary Jerubynas  3-6 m, below 10-15 m, depth 0.5 to 0.7 m, maximum depth of 3 m (at Indija village). In the bed full of up to 1 m diameter boulders. Average gradient 186 cm / km. Valley 200-250 m wide; slope height of 15-20 m, locally up to 30 m. Flow speed 0.2-0.4 m / s, in rapids up to 0.7 m / s. Rated discharge at at the mouth: maximum 100 m³ / s, average 4.48 m³ / s, minimum 0.4 m³ / s. During the spring floods in the upper part of the river the water rises up to 1.5 m, in the middle and lower parts up to 3 m.

At higher water level. Spring, or after heavy rains

Shallows, small rapids, boulders, strainers

WW 2- (2+). One of the best whitewater in Lithuania

Distance from the mouth

50.5   Kaltinenai - Upyna road bridge (about 2 kilometers south of Kaltinenai). It is most convenient to start paddling. Left hillfort Pagrybys.

50.3  right Yzne. The river discharge is almost doubled. The river slope increases, rapids follows up to the river mouth. left Pagrybys. The gradient to the Kazokai village 189 cm / km.

47.7  left Grybupis. left Paakmenis.

46.2  right A-2.

45.3 left Kausai. Reinforced concrete bridge.

41.3 Kaunas - Klaipeda highway bridge. The river flows through a long and dangerous pipe. At high water levels ships should be portaged. About 50 m below the concrete pillars. right Labardziai. left Paupis.

39.4  right Vaksupe.

38.0  left Akmenynas. right Griguliai. Left hillfort  Vedriai. left   Plausiniske.

35.3 Bridge. left Kazokai. right  Griguliai. The gradient of the river to the Great Shoal 173 cm / km.

34.0 Left hillfort Kazokai.

32.4 right Kiaukai.

31.8 left  Rudaliai.

29.5  right Jerubynas. left Senasis Obelynas.

29.0 Silale - Upyna road bridge. right Paakmenis. left Pakoplycis.

27.6  left A-3.

27.1 right Driezai.

24.4 left  Vaiciai hillfort.

22.8 Silale - Valtimenai road   bridge. left Vaiciai. right Birzu Laukas.

22.5 Right hillfort Birzu Laukas mound.

20.6  right Zadalis. right Zviliai.

19.9  left Bremena. left Grubliai.

18.1 right Indija. Right hillfort Indija. The river flows through a deep valley. Scarps on the banks. Many rapids.

15.3  left Sermas. right Misuciai. left Kilpines.

13.9 Rapid called Great Shoal most difficult on the river. Length  about 300 m. At lower water level has to maneuver between huge boulders in the bed, at very high water generates high standing waves (up to 1 m +). Grade WW 2 + / 3 -. The gradient of the river to the mouth 195 cm / km. left Putve.

13.5 Bridge. right Andriejaiciai.

11.7  left A-1.

11.3 Left hillfort Kreiviai.

11.1 right Burkenai.

9.7 left Kreiviai.

8.1 right Alijosiskės. Pagramantis Regional Park. (Map of the park).

3.0  left Gramancia. Left hillfort Pagramantis.

2.7  Taurage - Silalė road   bridge Pagramantis.

2.1 Right hillfort Naujininkai (Kuturiai).

0.7 right Kuturiai.

0.0 The Akmena flows into the river Jura. right Ringiai.

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