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The river Juoda (the river Nevezis tributary, Panevezys district)

The river Juoda flows in Ukmerge and Panevezys districts, the river Nevezis left tributary.

Length of the river 54 km, the basin area 326 km ². The source at Meilunai village, 5 km north from Siesikai village. Flows through the lake Juodis to the north. Flows into the river Nevezis 152 km from its mouth, 5 km southeast from Panevezys city. Average gradient 55 cm / km. Average rated discharge at the mouth 1.70 m³/s.

At higher water level


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Distance from the mouth

12.4 Bridge. right Katinai. Average gradient to the mouth 38 cm/km. The river channeled. Current calm. Width 6-8 m. The banks low, bare.

11.4 Small bridge. right Katinai.

9.7 Bridge. left Paberzis. right Katinai.

9.0 Vilnius - Panevezys highway bridge.

8.7 left Padube (Degscius).

8.6 Small bridge.

7.4 Small bridge. right Sodeliskiai.

6.2 Bridge. right Kabeliai. left Marijonava. Channeled section of the river ends. The banks low, rare bushes and trees.

6.0 Small bridge. right Kabeliai. left Marijonava.

5.7 Small bridge. right Kabeliai. left Marijonava.

5.6 left Padube.

5.0 Small bridge. right Kabeliai. left Uoksai.

4.9 Small bridge. right Kabeliai. left Uoksai.

2.9 right Moliupis. left Pajuodziukai.

2.6 right J-2. right Pajuodziai.

1.2 Bridge. Begins the Staniunai pond. right Kerava.

0.3 Staniunai dam. Panevezys - Jotainiai road bridge.

0.0 The Juoda flows into the river Nevezis

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