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The river Kruoja (the river Musa tributary, Pakruojis

The river Kruoja flows in Radviliskis, Siauliai and Pakruojis districts, the river Musa right tributary.

Length of the river 60 km, the basin area 355 km ². The source in small lake at Kirbaiciai village, 5 km northwest from Radviliskis town. Flows to the northeast. Flows into the river Musa 94 km from its confluence with the river Nemunelis at Petrasiunai village. The riverbed width 5-7 m, depth 0.4-0.7 m. Average gradient 108 cm / km. The river valley width 300-400 m, floodplain width 150-200 m. Speed of current 0.01-0.1 m/s, at sprig flood up to 1 m/s. Average rated discharge upstream the brook Skalvis 0.22 m³/s, at the mouth 1.74 m³/s. In cold winters the river freezes to the bottom.

At higher water level. Spring, autumn or in summer after heavy rains

Shalows, dam, a few strainers, water plants

WW 0 (1-)

Distance from the mouth

10.0 Bridge. Pakruojis. Current calm.

9.8 Bridge. Pakruojis.

9.6 Pedestrian bridge. Pakruojis.

8.6 Bridge. right Pakruojis.

8.4 right Sile. right Pakruojis manor. The river is dammed, a few small islands.

7.7 Pakruojis manor watermill dam. Old arched bridge. The river flows through an artificial watercourse.

7.1 The river flows in natural riverbed through meadows. Width 4-10 m. The banks low, bare, in some places a few trees.

6.2 Small bridge. left Nereikoniai.

5.8 Pedestrian bridge. left Nereikoniai.

4.7 Hanging pedestrian bridge. right Akmeneliai.

4.4 left Kvedarai. right Akmeneliai.

3.1 left the brook K-1. right Akmeneliai.

0.8 right Petrasiunai.

0.0 The Kruoja flows into the river Musa.

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