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The river Rudamina (the river Voke tributary)

The river Rudamina flows in Vilnius county, Vilnius district, the river Voke right tributary.

Length of the river 33 km, the basin area 297 km ². The source at Mykoliskiai village, 12 km southwest from Vilnius city. Flows into the river Voke 30 km from its mouth at Mereslenai village. Average gradient 187 cm/km. Average rated discharge at the mouth 2.52 m³/s. In spring runs off of 30%, in summer 20%, in autumn 24%, in winter 26% of the total annual volume of water.

Better at higher water level

Small rapids, shalows, weirs, strainers, low footbridges

WW 0/1- (1+)

Distance from the mouth

19.4 Bridge. right Kalviskes. left Gimernia. The river meanders through meadows, at the banks trees. Can be a few strainers. The river width approx. 5 m.

18.4 Small bridge.

17.5 Small bridge. Average gradient to the brook Petesa 139 cm/km.

17.0 Weir. Dusinėnai.

16.1 Bridge.

15.2 left Valciunai. The channeled river flows through meadows, the banks bare.

14.3 Bridge.

13.6 Small bridge. right Prudiskes. left the ponds.

13.3 Small bridge.

13.2 left Petesa. The river runoff deliberately increased. Average gradient to the brook Berze 84 cm/km.

13.1 Small bridge.

11.0 Small weir.

10.6 Vilnius - Jasiunai road bridge. Parudaminys. The channeled section of the river ends. The river meanders through meadows, at the banks rare trees and bushes. The river width approx. 10 m.

8.9 left Berze. Average gradient to the brook Mazoji Galine 94 cm/km.

6.2 Railway bridge. left Baboniskes.

4.7 left Galine.

4.2 Bridge. left Didzialaukis.

3.2 Bridge.

1.8 left Mazoji Galinė. Average gradient to the mouth 167 cm/km.

1.6 Bridge. left Mereslenai.

0.0 The Rudamina flows into the river Voke.

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