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The river Indraja (the river Sventoji tributary, Zarasai district)

The river Indraja flowing in Utena and Zarasai districts, the river Sventoji left tributary.

Length of the river 38 km, the catchment area 109 km ². Source 10 km to north from Tauragnai town. Flows through the lake Pascio, the lake Indraja, before flowing into the lake Vykezerelis, turns west. Flows into the lake Pascio, crossed by the river Sventoji . Average gradient 263 cm / km. Average discharge in upper section of the river 0.11 m³ / s, below the lake Indraja 0.51 m³ / s, at the mouth 0.89 m³ / s. The river Sniute connects the river Sventoji and the river Indraja.

All year

A few strainers, dam

WW 0

Distance from the mouth

8.8 The river Sniute enters to the river Sventoji

8.6 Dam.

8.5 The Sniute flows into the lake.

7.9 The Sniute flowing out of the lake.

7.7 Dusetos - Zabiciunai road bridge. right Pasile. left Siratava.

6.7 The Sniute flows into the lake Vykas.

6.0 The Sniute  flows out of the lake Vykas.

5.9 right Sniute flows into the river Indraja. right Aviziai.

5.7 The Indraja 450 m flowing through the lake  Vykezerelis.

4.8 Bridge. The Indraja flows through meadows, small woods. The riverbed channeled.

4.4 left tributary from the ponds.

2.0 Bridge. Under the bridge the river flows through a reinforced concrete pipe. right Drageliskiai.

1.1 right Davainiai.

0.3 Uzpaliai - Uztiltes road bridge.

0.0 The Indraja flows into the lake Pastis (the river Sventoji).

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