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The river Alove (the river Nemunas tributary, Alytus district)

The river Alove (Alovele) flowing in Alytus district, the river Nemunas right tributary.

The river length 14 km, the catchment area 87 km ². The river flows from the Maliūdžiai swamp, flowing to west through the lake Alove. Flows into the river Nemunas River 360 kilometers from its mouth, 5 km to southeast from Alytus city. The gradient from the source to Tolupis 589 cm / km, below 1170 cm / km. The river in upper part winds between moraine hills, in lower course valley deep, steep slopes. Average discharge at the mouth  0.6 m³ / s.

At higher water level. Spring, or after heavy rains

Shallows, rapids, boulders, strainers, dam

WW 1 (2)

Distance from the mouth

9.5  Alytus - Grodno highway  bridge. left Poteronys. A little bit upstream right hillfort Poteronys. The river flows through the forest. Many strainers. The gradient big, in  riverbed stones, shoals, rapids. Number of garbage in the river.

5.4 right Skerne.

5.0 Bridge.

4.2 Bridge. Under bridge the river flows through a tube. Navigated.

4.1 Small dam. Not navigated. Portage.

3.8 Bridge. Under bridge the river flows through a tube. Navigated. left Uzupiai. right Kaniukai.

1.2 left Tolupe. The river gradient is a very big, big stones, boulders in the riverbed, rapids, strong stream.

0.8 right high outcrop.

0.0 The Alove flows into the river Nemunas.

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