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The river Agluona (Lithuania, Taurage county, Taurage district)

The river Agluona flows in Silale and Taurage districts, right tributary of the Sesuvis river.

Length 31 km, the catchment area  121 km². The river source is on south slopes of Samogitian hills, 7 km  N.W. from Skaudvile, near Petkalnis. The river flows S.  Enter the river Sheshuvis  26 km from it mouth, near Gauraiciai village.  Average gradient 369 cm/km. The river valley width about 200 m.  The rated discharge at the mouth 1.18 m³/s.

At high water level. Spring flood, or after heavy rains

Shallows, small rapids, strainers

WW 0/1+ (2-)

Distance from the mouth

12.2 left Egluona. The river volume about 1 m³/s. The river bed  width about 5 m. Flows through meadows, on the banks bush.

11.7 left  forest. Stretches for a 300 m. Strainers possibility.

10.0 Small bridge. right suburbs of   Taurage, stretches to the river  Juodupis.

9.1 right Juodupis.

8.3 Railway  bridge. Under bridge the river flows through concrete pipe. Inspecting recommended.

3.8 Bridge.

2.5 River meandering. Gradient smaller.

1.4 Bridge. right  Gauraiciai.

0.0 The Agluona flows into the river Sesuvis.

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