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The river Ancia (Kelme, Silalė and Taurage districts, Lithuania)

The river Ancia flows in Kelme, Silalė and Taurage districts, the river Sesuvis right tributary.

Length of the river 67 km, the catchment area 277 km ². The river source at the swampy countryside of Klibaliai village, 6 km to the west from Kraziai. Flowing to south through Skaudvile town. Flows into the river Sesuvis 46 km from its mouth, at Santakai village. Average depth  0.5-1 m, Average gradient 193 cm / km. In upper section  the valley blurry from Antininkai - narrow and deep (25 m). Current speed from 0.6 to 0.7 m / s. The river has a high water level and flow fluctuations. Water level rises up to 2 m. Rated discharge at Puzai water measuring station (3 km SW of Skaudvile): max. 98.6 m³ / s, avg. 2.82 m³ / s, min. 0.018 m³ / s. The river banks are steep, scenic escarpments.

At higher water level. Spring, or after heavy rains

Shallows, rapids, boulders, strainers, dam.

WW 2- (2). Most interesting sections from the river Klutupis to Suvirkstė Inkstilas to Batakiai railway station

Distance from the mouth

40.0 Zemaiciu highway  bridge. left Kirkliai. Average discharge about 1.5 m³ / s.

39.2  Kaunas - Klaipeda motorway  bridge.

37.8 right Paveriai.

33.9 right Klutupis.

33.6 left Kalniskiai.

32.9 Road ford.

32.3 right hillfort Simenai. right Simenai.

32.1 left hillfort Kalniskiai.

31.2 right Pela. left Zakarkiske. right Keteriai.

28.9 right tributary.

28.5  Siauliai -Taurage highway  bridge. left Karsuva.

27.2 left Suvirkste. left Ivangenai. left hillfort Ivangenai.

24.6 left Beginning of Skaudvile town. The current calm.

22.7 Beginning of the Skaudvile pond.

22.0 Skaudvile dam. right Inkstilas. left Skaudvile.

19.9 Bridge. left End of Skaudvile town. right Puzai.

18.4 right Puzeliai.

17.0 left Norkiske.

16.5 Small bridge.

13.5 Small bridge.

13.4 Road ford. right Mazintai.

12.2 Small bridge.

8.7 Bridge. right Batakiai.

8.6 right Ukis. right hillfort Batakiai.

6.3  Skaudvile - Lankininkai road  bridge. right Lankininkai.

5.3  Railway  bridge. left Ciuteikiai. right Lankininkai. right Batakiai railway station.

3.6 right Eidintai.

0.4 Road ford.

0.0 The Ancia flows into the river Sesuvis.

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