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Maps of the river Asva (Veivirzas), Lithuania

Maps of the river Asva (Veivirzas)

Maps of the river Asva. Kayaking, canoeing, rafting, paddling the river Asva. Google maps the river Asva, Lithuania, Klaipeda county, Silute district.Places near the river: forest of Siaudenai, village Gedikai, village Siaudenai, village Puzravieciai, village Ziogai, village Nautilte, village Vilku Kampas, Sveksna town, village Razmai, village Tvaskuciai, village Vilkenas, the pond of Vilkenai, village Siauliai, village Nikelai, village Paulaiciai, village Inkakliai, village Raudiske, forest Parubezio, forest of Zagatpurviai, village Jurgaiciai, village Jomantai, village Pociai, village Mataiciai, village Gailaiciai, village Sarkiskiai, village Luises. Tributaries of the river Asva: the brook Gurnupelis, the creek Surkupys, the river Zvelesys, the river Siusis, the river Zlagatas, the river Sveksnale, the river Vilnutis, the river Telsina, the river Greizina, the river Vatina. Points of interest, sightseeings, protected places: hillfort Jomantai, hillfort Paulaiciai, hillfort Uoksai, Sveksna manor, Veivirzas ichthyologic Reserve, Veivirzas landscape park. Places to stay, rural tourism: Campsites: Kayak, canoe, raft rentals: