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The Sanzile channel (tributary of the Nevezis, Panevezys district)

The Sanzile channel connects the river Levuo an the river Nevezis.

The channel connects the river Levuo at Bernatoniai village (8 km northwest from Panevezys city), connects the river Nevezis at Berciunai village (8 km west from Panevezys city). The channel lenght 8 km. The channel built in 1931 - the brook Sanzile (the tributary of the river Nevezis) channeled and by channel (8 m wide, 2 m deep) connected to the river Levuo, to drain the excess water during floods. Channel transmittance was 30-40 m³/s. Now the channell average rated discharge up to 2 m³/s.

Not recommended in dry summer

Rapids, shalows, strainers.

WW 0/1 (1+).

Distance from the mouth

8.1 The channel connects the river Levuo. The banks bare, a few meters height.

7.9 Panevezys - Pusalotas road bridge.

7.5 Railway bridge. Under the bridge concrete rapid 0.5 m height.

6.8 right Pasamanys.

6.5 Bridge.

5.6 Bridge. The channel up to mouth flows through forest. Rare strainers.

3.1 left Siesrautas.

3.0 right the brook S-2.

2.0 right Lokupe.

0.8 Railway bridge. left Berciunai.

0.4 Bridge. Berciunai.

0.0 The Sanzile channel connects the river Nevezis.

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