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The river Daugyvene (the river Musa tributary, Pakruojis district)

The river Daugyvene flows in Radviliskis and Pakruojis districts, the river Musa right tributary.

Length of the river 64 km, the catchment area 495 km ². Source at  Veriskiai village, 7 kilometers southeast from Seduva town. Flows to northeast. Flows into the river Musa 91 km from its confluence with the river Nemunelis at Rimsoniai village, 6 km south from Linkuva town. The riverbed from the source to the river Byzdelis channeled, 1-3 m wide, from 0.4 to 0.8 m deep. The gradient of the upper section to the river Kutena 246 cm / km, below 63 cm / km. The banks mostly steep. Valley width of 150-300 m, maximum 700 m. Rated discharge at Meilunai village (2 km from the mouth) max. 119 m³ / s, avg. 2.45 m³ / s, min. 0.012 m³ / s. In dry summers the riverbed in upper section and in some places of middle section of the river dry.

All year. Not recommended in dry summer

Few strainers, in summer the river overgrown, dam

WW 0

Distance from the mouth

26.2  Pakruojis - Panevezys road bridge. left Rozalimas. right  Rokoniai. The river slowly flowing meadows, the banks are low, covered with rare trees, occasionally small  woods. Average flow rated discharge 1.5 m³ / s. The riverbed width of 8-15 m.

23.3 right D-2.

22.4 Bridge.

19.8 left D-1. left Moniunai. right Berziniai.

17.5 Bridge. 30 m downstream the railway bridge. left Krivaiciai.

15.6 Pedestrian bridge. Klovainiai.

15.2 Bridge. Klovainiai.

15.1 Dam.

14.9 left Saltupis.

14.6 Pedestrian bridge Klovainiai.

10.7 right Ramyte.

8.9  Pakruojis - Pasvalys road bridge. right Palasmenys.

5.2 left Ezerele. left Uosas.

3.8 Small bridge. right Balsiai.

3.3 left Meilunai. Average gradient to the mouth 85 cm / km.

0.4 Railway bridge.

0.3 Road Joniskelis - Petrasiunai bridge. Rimsoniai.

0.0 The Daugyvene flows into the river Musa.

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