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The river Sausdravas (tributary of the Minija, Plunge district)

The river Sausdravas flows in Telsiai county, Plunge district, the river Minija left tributary.

Length of the river 25 km, the basin area 94 km ². The source at Vydeikiai village, 12 km east from Plunge town. Flows to southeast and southwest. The Sausdravas flows into the river Minija 156 km from its mouth opposite Stalgenai village. Average gradient 239 cm/km. Average rated discharge at the mouth 1.13 m³/s.

At high water level. Spring flood, or after heavy rains.

Rapids, shalows, strainers.

WW 1-/1 (1+).

Distance from the mouth

11.4 Plunge - Medingenai road bridge. Purvaiciai. At the river forests, the banks overgrown by trees. The riverbed width 6-10 m. The current fast. Small rapids, strainers. The valley deep.

9.6 right Purvaiciai. The river flows through Jerubaiciai - Milasaiciai forests, places almost untouched by civilization.

7.8 right the brook S-2. Average gradient to the mouth 191 cm/km.

4.3 right Kapupis.

3.3 right Silupis. Forests ends. On the banks trees and bushes. A few strainers.

2.0 right the brook.

0.8 left Vainaiciai.

0.0 The Sausdravas flows into the river Minija. On the opposite bank of the river Minija Stalgenai.

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