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The river Virvycia (tributary of the river Venta, Telsiai district)

Virvyčia (Virvytė) flowing Silales, Tent and Mazeikiai district. Venta cr. tributary. Length of 131 km, the catchment area of ​​1144 km ². Starts swamp lake, 3 km r. from Laukuvos. Flowing to north. and š.r. Paršežerio a lake Paršežerio, Sietuvos wetlands veneer lake, clouds, Dege-Vartuvos wetlands, Biržulis Lake, Peter and swamp. From spring to Paršežerio called the Upstate, including Paršežerio and hulls - an interface to continue to Biržulis lake - tick. Flows into the Venta 224 miles from its mouth, 2 km to the pr from Viekšniai. The furrow width of the upper and middle reaches 4-12 m in the lower reaches up to 30 m. Depth of 0.5-1 m. The flow rate in the upper 0,2-0.4 m / s, middle and lower reaches 0.5-0.9 m / s. Valley area in the upper 50-60 m downstream and 800 m. Avg. slope of 85 cm / km. Flow rate to Tryškiai (36 km from the mouth): max. 121 m³ / s avg. 9.34 m³ / s, min. Summer 0.11 m³ / s, min. Winter 0.29 m³ / s avg. flow at the mouth 9.38 m³ / s. In spring, the river flows by 39%, summer 10% and 22% in autumn, in winter 29% of the total annual volume of water. Spring flooding in the upper reaches of the water rises up to 1 m, middle and lower reaches up to 3 m above the summer water level and overflow the SALP 0.4 to 1 m water layer. Summer rains raise the water level of 0.7-0.8 m in the upper reaches 1,3-1,7 m downstream. Very dry summers the river becomes too weak 0.3-0.4 m below the average summer water level.

It is recommended to swim at high water level.

Shoals, rapids, rubble dam.

WW 0/1 (2)

102.6 Varna Pavandenė reinforced concrete road bridge. Dam. Virvytė Biržulis flows out of the lake. The river width of about 10 m, the current slow.

101.5 Wooden tiltukas. kr.Karkliškiai.

100.7 kr.Sengovija.

100.0 Prestressed concrete tiltukas.

98.5 dš.Druja. Avg. slope to Vaidžio 102 cm / km.

96.7 Reinforced concrete bridge.

96.4 kr.Rešketa. kr.Gudeliai.

95.5 kr.Pupiniai. dš.Patiltis.

94.5 Reinforced concrete bridge. dš.Janapolė. Width of the river to the mouth of 15-25 m.

94.1 kr.Skaryčia.

92.1 Reinforced concrete bridge. kr.Žylaičiai. dš.Padvariai. Beginning to emerge in the river valley.

90.5 kr.Eidžiotai.

88.0 Wooden Bridge. dš.Sėbai.

86.7 Baltininkai pond start. kr.Jonavingis.

85.6 dš.Kūlio Hollow.

83.9 Baltininkai HE Dam. Height of 4 m, a pond area of ​​33 ha.

83.3 Road Žarėnai Luokė-reinforced concrete bridge. dš.Kuršai. kr.Baltininkai.

81.5 Baltininkai-Biržuvėnai road bridge. Baltininkai. Furrow appears rocky shoals.

81.4 Stone Water Mill - one of the oldest buildings in Lithuania say, even in times of Vytautas built. The dam demolished.

79.7 kr.Ringys. kr.Skliausčiai. dš.Purviai.

79.6 Destroyed Water Mill Dam. Large stones.

75.3 dš.Rapaliai.

72.9 dš.Biržuvėnų mound.

72.2 Biržuvėnai HE Dam. Height of 3 m, the pond area of ​​8 hectares. Comfortable clog ds. Tent-Luokės road bridge. Biržuvėnai.

68.4 dš.V-sixth

68.2 Viešvėnai Luokės-reinforced concrete road bridge. kr.Jokšai.

65.4 Juciaus HE Dam. Height of 3 m, the pond area of ​​25 ha. dš.Juciai.

64.1 Reinforced concrete bridge. kr.Staniškė. Km below to Mizik River flowing forest.

61.7 dš.Vaidys. Avg. slope to Upyna 90 cm / km.

59.9 kr.Mižikai.

58.5 kr.Kinčiuliai. Demolished water mill dam. Rift.

56.7 dš.Pašukuvėnai. The former water mill dam site a small threshold.

53.8 Wooden Bridge. kr.Badmakai.

52.5 Reinforced concrete bridge. kr.Pavirvytė. dš.Mantvydai.

51.6 damaged dam.

49.6 dš.Upyna. dš.Kaunava. Threshold, called the Devil's Bridge. Avg. slope to Lūžupio 89 cm / km. The river valley is slowly widening.

48.0 dš.V-fourth dš.Kiaulakiai.

46.8 dš.mūrinio water mill tailings dam site threshold.

46.7 Railway Bridge.

45.7 dš.Buišų mound.

45.0 kr.Patekla. The valley narrows again, the banks rise a, steep in places.

Plunge 44.7-Kuršėnai way reinforced concrete bridge. kr.Sviraičiai. dš.Buišai.

43.2 dš.Tauragėnai.

41.2 kr.Valkas.

39.7 kr.Šarkalnė. The former water mill dam site metric threshold.

36.6 kr.Juodėjai.

33.9 kr.Juodupis. kr.Pavirvytė.

32.5 dš.Tryškys.

32.2 Bridge. Tryškiai. Breached dam. Possible to transfer or clog the DS.

29.8 HE degree of wear on the dam. Height of 4 m, a pond area of ​​10 ha. Comfortable clog ds. dš.Sukančiai. The valley becomes wider, the banks are lower and lower.

27.4 kr.Degupis. kr.Požaičiai.

26.9 kr.V-first

26.7 Vowel HE Dam. Height of 3 m, the pond area of ​​11 ha. dš.Balsiai.

24.3 kr.Nabuliai.

22.9 Rakiškės HE Dam. Height of 4 m, a pond area of ​​8 hectares.

20.0 Kairiškiai HE Dam. Height of 3 m, the pond area of ​​9 acres. kr.Kairiškiai.

16.3 Gimbetiškė. Current quiet.

14.5 kr.Lūžupis. Avg. slope to the mouth 109 cm / km.

13.9 kr.Būgenis. kr.Dauginiai.

13.4 Kapenu Dam. Height of 5 m. Comfortable clog cr. kr.Kapėnai.

10.9 kr.Trimesėdis.

10.4 Skleipių HE Dam. Height of 3 m, the pond area of ​​8 hectares. dš.Skleipiai.

8.6 Tryškiai-Viekšniai road bridge. kr.Svirkančiai. dš.Pavirvytė. The valley became wider, the slopes sužemėja.

Dš.V 7.3-second

6.6 Belarusian HE Dam. Height of 3 m, the pond area of ​​8 hectares. dš.Gudai.

3.0 dš.Gyvolių mound. Dammed the river Venta built Viekšniai HE Dam.

2.7 dš.Gyvoliai.

0.7 Pedestrian Bridge. Santekliai.

0.0 Virvyčia flows into the sol.