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The river Sventoji (tributary of the Neris, Utena & Kaunas counties)

The river Sventoji flowing Ignalina, Valmiera, Rokiškis, Madona, Utena, and Jonavos district. Neris ds. tributary. Length of 249 km, the catchment area of ​​332 km ². Starts Pažemiškių surroundings, 6 km to north. from Dūkštas. Flowing through the moss, ground level, Dūkštas, Luodis, Luodykščio, Asavas, bullish lakes, reservoir bank, Sarti, clips Pasca lakes. From the springs flowing into š.v. for Sartai lake turns pv, flows into the Neris River 44 miles from its mouth, 4 km š.r. from Jonavos. Avg. slope of 51 cm / km. Separate the upper stretches (between the lakes) is mixed. From the source to the lake bed Dūkštas channeled. Dominating the bed width to PASCO lake. 20-40 m from the lake Pasca. Virinta to mouth 40-50 m, 60-80 m below. Floodplain 200-500 m wide. Valley area in the upper 400-700 m, 400-500 m middle reaches, lower reaches about 1 km. Dominating depth of about 1.5 m. Flow speed of 0.2-0.7 m / s. Flow rate to Antalieptė (207 km from the mouth): max. 38.6 m³ / s avg. 4.29 m³ / s, min. Summer 0.17 m³ / s, min. Winter 0.30 m³ / s to Madona (87 km from the mouth): max. 423 m³ / s avg. 28.1 m³ / s, min. Summer 2.10 m³ / s, min. Winter 2.10 m³ / s to Ukmergës (40 km from the mouth): max. 594 m³ / s avg. 39.3 m³ / s, min. 3.9 m³ / s to Baltromiškės (4 km from the mouth): max. 794 m³ / s avg. 56.1 m³ / s, min. summer, 10.8 m³ / s, min. winter 7,63 m³ / s. Annual water level fluctuations in the amplitude of the upper (the Antalieptė) to 1.3 m downstream (to the Baltromiškės) to 5.3 m. In spring, the Baltromiškės river flows by 45%, 15% in summer, 20% in autumn, winter 20% of the total annual volume of water.

Throughout the year.

Rift, transitions, dam.

WW 0 (1 +)

Anykščiai; Ukmergė

241.5 Salunkos. About 1 km from the p.r Salako. Luodis southwestern end of the lake. The lake area of ​​1320 ha, max. depth of 16.5 m, length 6690 m, max. width of 3870 m. Lacustrine. Coast mostly low forested, marshy places, v. and p.v. banks higher. There are three islands.

234.9 dš.Žagarinė.

234.5 ds.

234.3 Holy flows from Lake Luodis š.r. Gulf overgrown canes, leaching is observed only approached to it. Fluid flows through the forest. Avg. slope to the lake Asavas. 30 cm / km.

233.8 Holy Luodykščio flows into the lake. The lake area of ​​42 ha, length 1110 m, max. width of 620 m. Shores are low, marshy, overgrown with forest.

232.9 Holy flows from Lake Luodykščio. Origins covered with tails. The river flows through the forest, the bridge is almost no current, užžėlusi bed of rushes. There may be a burr, beaver dams.

230.0 Drobiškių - Bukiškės road bridge. kr.Drobiškės. Below appear current, gravel revelers.

229.6 Holy Asavas flows into the lake. The lake area of ​​123 ha, max. depth of 13 m, length 3300 m, max. width of 1580. Hills covered with pine forests.

227.5 Asavas Asavėliu connects the lake with 100 m long isthmus. The lake area of ​​27 ha, max. depth of 11 m. Shores mainly leks, low, sandy, covered with mixed forest.

226.6 Holy flows from Lake Asavėlio. Avg. slope to Antalieptė lake. 68 cm / km.

226.5 Bridge. kr.Unguriškės. dš.Pagrandos.

225.5 River flows into the lake bullish. The lake area of ​​47 ha, max. depth of 3.8 m, length 2290 m, max. width of 450 m. Shores mostly high in the north encircle Gražutė praise.

223.5 Holy flows from Lake bullish. Revel in the river.

222.9 Knee Zarasai-Salakas Bridge. Once the bridge is a small shoal. dš.Tiltiškės. kr.Biržūnai.

222.3 Tiltiškių water mill dam. The mill operates Energy Museum. Clog (about 50 m) convenient to the DS.

221.5 Current quiet - begins Antalieptė HE head.

220.4.0 Low Bridge. Comfortable clog cr. kr.Bikėnai.

219.0 Knee Dūkštas - Salakas - Degučiai Bridge. dš.Vitkuškės. River flows into the reservoir bank. Area of ​​1911 ha. The result is the construction of a dam Antalieptė HE. There are about 90 islands. Marios flooded about 800 ha and joined 26 lakes and lakes.

214.6 kr.Galminių mound.

213.4 dš.Šiukščių mound.

213.0 Kaunas-Zarasų road bridge. dš.Šiukščiai. kr.Bružai.

209.7 kr.Zokorių mound.

207.2 kr.Jūžinto earth dam with automatic bandwidth Avoidance of backsiphonage excess water down, which is built Velnynės called early next Ąžuolyno former water mill. kr.Šalinėnai.

206.4 derivational Antalieptė HE channel start.

206.2 kr.Šavaša. (Inlet to the former bed of the Holy)

205.7 dš.Stromelė. HE Antalieptė service staff settlement.

205.4 Repair Dam. Bridge. For the day-regulatory pool lakes. kr.Verslava. kr.Verslavos mound.

204.1 Building - Pressure Pool. (Antalieptė HE Dam. Height (pressure) 35 m pond area of ​​1,572 ha.) The river flows through the pipe. Avoids drying around 500 ds. half pakalnėn nuvedamajį the channel that connects the Antalieptė the old riverbed of the Holy.

203.1 Daugailiai-Dusetos road bridge. Antalieptė. Below the river flows slowly, the banks are quite high, covered with deciduous trees.

201.9 Guntulių water mill residues.

197.5 kr.Vaskanos. Vasaknos fish farm ponds. The river flows through a wide terrace between low banks, banks forests - dš.Sriuogiškių, kr.Baraukos, coastal areas cultivated meadows, shores in places wet and marshy.

194.3 dš.Svaitūnėlė. dš.Skineikiai.

191.9 dš.Dustelis.

191.1 Bridge. kr.Užtiltė. dš.Dusetos.

190.7 River flows into the lake takes up the lake. The lake area of ​​1331 ha, max. depth of 21.9 m length of 14,780 m, max. width of 950 m. Shores š. up high, others low, the median part of the sandy, forested, moist places. The lake flows into storm Serbentupis, handle, salvo.

182.3 Bridge. Holy flows from Lake Sartai. Avg. slope to the lake Rašu. 36 cm / km.

180.9 Holy Rašu flows into the lake. The lake area of ​​179 ha, max. depth of 7.8 m, id. depth of 2.8 m, length 3260 m, max. width of 1050 m. Shores mostly low.

178.0 Holy flows from Lake Rašu. dš.Aušrėnai. kr.Bileišiai. The river slowly flowing birch-spruce forest. Avg. slope to Višniaukos 21 cm / km.

176.1 kr.Žiegelė.

171.6 River flows into the lake Pasca. The lake area of ​​69 ha, length 2200 m, max. width of 660 m. Shores mostly high steep forested places. The lake drains Indraja.

170.2 Holy flows from Lake Pasca. Shores of small forests, the current slow.

168.1 kr.Likančiai. dš.Traidaičiai.

167.1 kr.Alauša.

166.0 dš.Narupis.

165.6 Bridge. kr.Ilčiukai.

165.0 dš.Žaibiškės. dš.Žaibiškių mound.

164.1 kr.Karčiupis.

162.2 dš.Višniauka. Avg. slope to Bradesos 69 cm / km.

160.3 kr.Degėsiai.

158.8 Water Mill dam site transitions.

158.4 dš.Kaniūkai. The river flows through the fields, the banks are overgrown with trees. Current slow.

157.0 kr.Šeimyniškiai. About 1 km from the river, kr.Šeimyniškių mound.

155.8 dš.Ūdrokšlis.

154.7 dš.Bajorai. Starts Užpaliai HE head.

153.8 Užpaliai HE Dam. Height of 2 m, the pond area of ​​25 ha.

152.8 Bridge. Užpaliai. Užpaliai mansion.

152.1 kr.Ringys.

149.5 kr.Bradesa. kr.Gaigaliai. Avg. slope to Naranca 53 cm / km.

149.0 dš.Nevirža. dš.Nevirža.

146.2 kr.Girbys. kr.Galiniai. dš.Jociškės. River and small woods. Places steep coasts, small sand cliffs.

141.5 Vyžuonos-Vilkabrukių road bridge. dš.Vėželiai.

140.5 kr.Vyžuona.

138.0 dš.Nasvė. kr.Šventupys.

137.1 kr.Šventupys.

136.7 Utena-Kupiškio road bridge. kr.Žalioji. dš.Šaltiniai.

135.4 dš.Narantis. Avg. slope and Jaros 35 cm / km.

134.6 dš.Būtėnai. Small shoal in the river.