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The river Berze (the river Susve tributary, Radviliskis district)

The river Berze flowing in Radviliskis district, the river Susve left tributary.

Length of the river 40 km, the catchment area 282 km ². Source is  to  south from Radviliskis town, at Sulinkiai village. Flowing to northeast, from Radviliskis - Jonava railway turns to south. Flows into the river Susve 81 km from its mouth, at Kelmynai village. The riverbed shallow, muddy, in summer dry in some places. Banks are low and marshy. Valley blurry. In the upper sections the river connects with lots of melioration channels. Average gradient 58 cm / km. Average discharge at the mouth 1.4 m³ / s.

Not recommended in dry summer

Some strainers

WW 0

Distance from the mouth

23.4  Road Radviliskis - Daugelaiciai border="0" bridge. right Ilguociai. left Karcemos. Average gradient to the river Sorbalis 42 cm / km. The river slowly flows channeled riverbed. Banks are low, bare. Riverbed width up to 10 m.

21.8 right Linkaiciai.

20.8 left Bebrujai forest.

19.1 right Nakrausiunai.

18.1 Bridge.

17.2  Road Siaulenai - Seduva bridge. right Miezaiciai. Bebrujai forest ends.

14.5 left Liudiskiai forest, right Mazuoliai forest.

13.8 left Sorbalis. Average gradient to the mouth 71 cm / km. Current speeds up a little bit. Riverbed channeled to the mouth.

11.5 Bridge.

11.2 right B-2.

8.0 Road Juodupe - Legeciai bridge. right Pliuskiai. left Juodupiai.

6.5 right Legetys. right Seskamire forest.

3.9 right forest.

2.7 Forests ends. Downstream right Paberze.

0.7 right Smulkiskiai.

0.0  The Berze flows into the river Susve. 50 m upstream the bridge.

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