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The river Kamoja (the river Birveta tributary, Ignalina district)

The river Kamoja flows in Belarus and Lithuania (Svencionys and Ignalina districts), the river Birveta right tributary.

Length of the river 56 km (in Lithuania 26 km), the basin area 331 km ². The source at Kamojai village (Belarus), 11 km south from Adutiskis town. Flows through the lakes Kamojai, Surviliskiu and Svirkai to the north. Flows into the river Birveta 20.5 km from its mouth at Kekstai village. Average gradient in upper section 750 cm / km, in middle section 95 cm/km, in lower section 42 cm/km. Average discharge in upper section 1.25 m³/s, in middle section 1.75 m³/s, in lower section 2.50 m³/s. Average rated discharge at the mouth 2.80 m³/s.The river width in upper section 5 -6 m, depth 0.8 - 1.2 m. Section from Adutiskis town to the lake Svirkai channeled, the riverbed width 6-16 m, depth 1-3 m.

All year

Strainers, water plants

WW 0

Distance from the mouth

14.9 km Small bridge. The river crosses Lithuania - Belarus border.

13.9 Bridge. left Mociske. The river channeled. Current calm. On the banks rare bushes. right near the river forest, left forest at some distance from the river. The riverbed width approx. 10 m. Average gradient to the lake Svirkai 40 cm/km.

12.7 left Lazdauja.

11.1 Small bridge. left Antanai.

9.7 Bridge. left Antanai.

8.0 left Molupis. Channeled section of the river ends.

7.6 Bridge. left Pamolupis. To the lake Svirkai left and right forests.

5.9 Bridge. left Kudabiske. To the lake Svirkai the river channeled.

4.9 The Kamoja flows into the lake Svirkai. Area of the lake 91 ha, max depth 3.9 m, average depth 1.4 m. The banks low, in some places swampy.

4.0 left Svirkos.

2.6 The Kamoja flows out of the lake Svirkai. The banks of the river low, swampy.

2.3 bridge. right Kurtiske.

1.7 left and right forest.

0.7 Bridge. left Kekstai.

0.0 The Kamoja flows into the river Birveta.

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