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The river Salcia (tributary of the Merkys, Salcininkai district)

The river Salcia flows in Belarus and Lithuania (Salcininkai and Varena districts, the river Merkys left tributary.

Length of the river 76 km, the basin area 763 km ². The source 4 km north from Salcininkai town; the first 4 flows in Lithuania through Salcininkai town; turns to west and 11 km flows Lithuania - Belarus border and in Belarus; flows in Lithuania again, at southern border of forest Rudininku giria. Flows into the river Merkys 88 km from its mouth at Valkininai village. Average gradient 92 cm/km. Average rated discharge upstream the mouth of the brook Berzuna 0.28 m³/s, upstream the mouth of the brook Visincia 2.93 m³/s, at the mouth 5.72 m³/s.

Aall year

Fallen trees

WW 0 (1-).

Distance from the mouth

44.9 Vilnius - Butrimoniai road bridge. Under the bridge small rapid. left Gerviskes. The river flows through forests, meadows. The current calm. The river bed very curvy. Average rated discharge approx. 1.5 m³/s.

43.3 right Berze. Average gradient to the river Salcykscia 77 cm/km. Rated discharge increases. The riverbed average width to the river Visincia 8 m.

42.7 Bridge. right Rudnia.

38.9 left Salcykscia. Average gradient to the river Visincia 56 cm/km. Rated discharge increases.

38.4 right the brook S-2. right Kalitonys.

36.5 Bridge.

35.0 left the brook S-1. left Ciuronys.

31.6 left Papiskes.

28.2 right hillfort Tetervinai. left Tetervinai.

25.8 right Visincia. Average gradient to the brook Maltupis 49 cm/km. Rated discharge is almost doubled. The current a bit faster.

20.5 left Maltupis. left Nevainionys. Average gradient to the brook Brasta 52 cm/km.

16.3 left Ciras.

12.9 Vilnius - Eisiskes road bridge. right Zygimantiskes.

11.0 left Pabalde.

8.0 left Brasta. left Kursiai. Average gradient to the mouth 79 cm/km. The current a bit faster.

3.5 left Pasalciai.

2.0 Valkininkai - Eišiškes bridge. right Uzperkasis.

0.0 The Salcia flows into the river Merkys.

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