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The river Lankesa (the river Obelis tributary, Kedainiai district)

The river Lankesa flows in Jonava and Kaunas districts, the river Obelis left tributary.

Length of the river 54 km, the basin area 249 km ². The source at Vaskoniai village, 9 km southeast from Seta town. Flows to the southwest, from the mouth of river Meduksna turns to northwest. Flows into the river Zeimena 15 km from its mouth at Vilkaiciai village. Average gradient 89 cm/km. Average rated discharge at Martyniskiai village (24 km to the mouth): max 33.3 m³/s, average 0.72 m³/s. Average rated discharge at the mouth 1.23 m³/s. During higher floods the river overflows its banks, in summer in some places dries out, in winter freezes to the bottom.

Not recommended in dry summer

Rapids, shalows, strainers, low footbridges

WW 0 (1)

Distance from the mouth

24.3 Kaunas - Seta road bridge. right Martyniskiai. Average gradient to the brook Gramas 24 cm/km. Current calm. The channeled river flows through meadows. The banks low, bare. The river width approx. 3 m.

20.9 Zeimiai - Zemeliskiai road bridge. right Palankesiai. 250 m downstream left Palankesiai manor.

19.2 Bridge. right Drabuziškiai.

16.4 Small dam. Navigable.

15.9 right Zirge.

15.4 Nartautai - Zeimiai road bridge.

14.7 right Garankle. A bit dowstream left small forest. At the banks in some places trees and bushes.

13.5 Juciunai - Mimaliai road bridge. A bit dowstream at the river in some places small forests. Strainers in the riverbed.
11.6 Bridge. Channeled section of the river ends.

10.3 right Gramas. Banks of the river gradually becomes higher, the current faster. The river width 5 m. Average gradient to the mouth 168 cm/km.

8.9 The river flows throgh forest. Strainers.

6.2 left Vaiskulys. left Uzkapiai. At the river in some places small forests. Strainers. Small rapids, shalows.

6.1 Bridge. left Uzkapiai.

4.9 Small bridge. left Uzkapiai.

2.8 Seta -Uzkapiai road bridge. Stasaiciai. left hillfort Stasaiciai. Current calm, begins the Bubiai pond.

0.5 left Aukupe.

0.0 The Lankesa flows into the river Obelis.

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