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The river Ezeruona (the river Jura tributary, Taurage district)

The river Ezeruona flowing in Silale and Taurage districts, the river Jura right tributary.

Length of the river 36 km, the catchment area 180 km ². Source at Kraudeliskiai village, 6 km to the SE from Vainutas town. Flowing through the lake Draudeniai to SE. The Ezeruona flows into the river Jura 34 km from its mouth, 6 km to the SW from Taurage city. Average gradient 126 cm / km. Average rated discharge above the river Balcia 0.28 m³ / s, at the mouth 1.89 m³ / s.

At higher water level. Spring, or after heavy rains

Rapids, shallows, strainers

WW 1 (1+)

Distance from the mouth

23.7  Taurage - Zygaiciai road bridge. Prysmantai. The river flows through the meadows, the banks overgrown bushes, single strainers. Average gradient to the river Juodupis 127 cm / km. Average discharge approx. 1.2 m³ / s.

23.6 right Ozkupis.

23.1 At the banks small woods. Number of strainers increases.

21.6 Bridge.

20.8 Taurage - Zygaiciai road bridge.

20.1 left Tyrelupis.

19.1 left Dabrupis.

18.8 Bridge. left Aukstupiai.

18.4 right Aukstupis. right  hillfort Aukstupiai.

15.6 Bridge. right Budvieciai. left Pabudvieciai.

15.0 right Skambalinis.

14.2 left Kaupiai.

10.8 Bridge. right Kesciai.

10.1 left Leikiskiai.

8.0 left Elbentas.

6.4 left Juodupis. left Gurkliai. Average gradient to the mouth 116 cm / km.

4.7 left Kalpokai.

3.5 right Dagiai.

2.3  Taurage - Tilsit highway bridge. Under the bridge sharp debris rapid. left Celkiske. right Pozerunai.

1.7 left Katinupis.

1.3 Bridge. right Pozerunai.

0.8  Railway bridge. 50 m downstream the bridge. left Beigeriskiai.

0.0 The Ezeruona flows into the river Jura.

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