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The river Duksta (the river Neris tributary, Vilnius district)

The river Duksta flows in Vilnius district, the river Neris right tributary.

Length of the river 28 km, the catchment area 136 km ². Source 8 km southeast from Maisiagala town. Flowing through the lake Skauduliske to north and northwest, at Maisiagala  turns to southwest. Flows into the Neris River 113 km from its mouth at Buivydai village. Average gradient 344 cm / km. In lower section (3 km from the mouth) 1220 cm / km. Average rated discharge below the river Vilnoja 0.79 m³ / s, at the mouth 1.17 m³ / s.

At high water level. Spring flood, or after heavy rains

Rapids, strainers

WW 2 (2+)

Distance from the mouth

2.7  Vilnius - Kernavė road bridge. Under the bridge the river  flows through concrete tube. Depending on the water level navigated. Average gradient to Bradeliskes village 343 cm / km. The current fast, the banks low, overgrown with trees and bushes. In the riverbed can be strainers.

2.3 left hillfort Bradeliskes (Pakilta)

1.9 On Bradeliskes broken water mill dam site rapid. WW 2 +. right Bradeliskes. Average gradient to the mouth 1616 cm / km. The river rapidly descends into the river Neris. The banks high, in places steep, the valley narrow . In the riverbed continuous rapids, can be strainers. WW 2/2 +.

1.4 left tributary.

1.1 left hillfort Buivydai.

0.5 right Karmazinai outcrop.

0.3 right hillfort Karmazinai.

0.0  The Duksta flows into the river Neris. left Karmazinai. right Verksionys.

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