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The river Sventoji (tributary of the Baltic Sea, Kretinga district)

The river Sventoji (Holy latv.) flowing Skuodo and Kretinga district. Length of 73 km, the catchment area of ​​472 km ². Keep track starts around 9 miles š.v. from Salantai. Flows into the upper reaches of the š.v., inflow of Lucknow, turns pv and 34 km runs Lithuanian-Latvian border. River flows into the Baltic Sea. Avg. slope of 65 cm / km. Avg. flow at the mouth 5.38 m³ / s.

Throughout the year.

Burr, trees in the bed and the dam.

WW 0 (1 -)


22.0 kr.Laukžemė (Laukžemės). It is an old settlement, mentioned in the sixteenth century. In rural areas we recommend inspection Šv.apaštalo Andrew's church, Laukžemė mansion close Laukžemė repository pagan cult Fins südens stone and stone.

The river is reached: the Laukžemė center to go to the west of the Holy down the street, turn to the north-east of instant street straight to the homestead of the Holy Coast (0.5 km). From the farm to the river 100 m.

Avg. river flow rate 3.2 m3 / s, width 8-10 m. Shores of small woods, shores wet places. The river flows Lithuanian-Latvian border, very curvy, sometimes branching oxbow. The bed can be užvirtusių trees.

19.5 cuttings on both sides of the river which runs through the forest clearings (15.6 km). Shores of climbing, a good place for camping, going ashore in handy. The river is winding, sometimes branching oxbow, the bed can be užvirtusių trees burr.

17.8 dš.Lielkatuži. Avg. slope to the mouth of 36 cm / km.

17.6 kr.Laukžemė. Restored water mill dam. The river flows through the territory of Lithuania.

17.3 Pedestrian Bridge. kr.Laukžemė. (A few houses belonging to the village, but quite far from it). The river winds through the forest slowly, one bed, deep įsigraužusi, sometimes sandy outcrop. A very scenic location, convenient to disembark. The river width of about 10 m. The river may be some burr, the bed places torn and trees fell.

15.6 On both sides of a large clearing. In the DS. accessible walkway to the river. Up the road to the bridge Aušrakaimį bridge kr.Kalgraužių forest; dš.Būtingės forest, which tęsiaisi-Liepaja and Klaipeda highway bridge. Does not change the nature of the river.

12.2 ds. Aušrakaimio few rural homesteads.

10.7 kr.Aušrakaimis.

10.2 Road to Aušrakaimį Bridge. kr.Kalgraužiai (goes up to the job), cr. Bank continuously inhabited.

7.8 kr.Darba.

7.7 Klaipeda-Liepaja highway (A13) Bridge. The river width of about 15-20 m. Flow is almost nonexistent. The river is gradually widening. By the shores of the Holy places of small woods.

7.6 dš.intakas.

6.8 tiltukas.

5.0 Bridge. kr.Šventoji. The river makes a large loop around the Holy. River plumpness of 20-30 m.

1.4 tiltukas. River width of over 30 m.

0.8 Bridge. Below the river becomes a lake of the Holy harbor.

0.0 River flows into the Baltic Sea.