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The river Bartuva (the Baltic Sea tributary, Skuodas district)

The river Bartuva (Latvian the Barta) flowing in Plunge and Skuodas districts and in Latvia.

Length of the river 103 km (56 km in Lithuania), catchment area 2016 km ² (980 km ² in Lithuania). Source 3 km to north from the lake Plateliai. Flows into the lake Liepaja. Before flowing into the lake Liepaja decomposes into 4 branches. Average gradient 149 cm / km, in Lithuania 257 cm / km. Upper section of the valley is narrow and deep, at Mosėdis becomes wide up to 400 m (here valley washed melting glacier), in middle section narrows. In lower section valley wide, shallow, at mouth marshy . Rated discharge at the mouth: max. observed 397 m³ / s, avg. 11.1 m³ / s, min. 0.28 m³ / s. Runoff module in Lithuania 11.5 l / s.

At higher water level. Spring, or after heavy rains

Shallows, rapids, strainers, dams

WW 1 (1+)

Distance from the mouth

74.4 Bridge. Mosedis.

72.0 Bridge. left Bobeliskes. The river discharge 1 m³ / s. The river flows slowly, very meandering, sometimes branching out into branches. Many strainers, the banks are low and marshy. Riverbed width 4-7 meters.

69.5 right Nevociai. Average gradient to B-3 112 cm / km.

66.9 Bridge. right Krakes. left Udraliai.

65.8 right Kulupis.

63.7 Bridge. right Teveliai. left Gaubes.

61.2 Salantai - Skuodas road bridge. Begins the Puodkaliai pond.

60.2 Puodkaliai HPP dam. Height 5 meters, the pond area 8 ha. right Puodkaliai.

59.9 left Erla. left hillfort Puodkaliai. River flow deliberately increased. Downstream the banks steep, outcrops up to 10 m in height.

57.1 left Opalis. left Kubiliske. left hillfort Kubiliske.

56.5 right B-3. Average gradient to the Skuodas old dam 70 cm / km. Begins the Skuodas pond.

54.1 Bridge. Skuodas town.

52.7 Skuodas HPP dam. Dam height 8 m, the pond area 86 ha. Downstream the current calm. The river width approximately 10 m.

52.1 On the old dam site navigated drop. Height 0.5 m. Average gradient to Apse 122 cm / km.

51.3 The river branching into two branches. Follow left.
51.1 Hanging pedestrian bridge.

50.9 Bridge. 20 m downstream navigated concrete dam. Height 1 m.

50.5 Bridge. The river current speed average. Some small rapids.

50.3 Small bridge.

49.7 Small bridge. Skuodas.

48.8 right Luoba. Rivers flow rate more than doubled, the width of riverbed 10-15 m. The banks in places steep, outcrops. The current speed is average.

48.7 Railway bridge.

48.4 Bridge.

46.0 right Apse. Lithuania - Latvia border. right Kanizeri.

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