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The river Dabikine (the river Venta tributary, Akmene district)

The river Dabikine flowing in Latvia and Akmenė district, Lithuania, the river  Venta right tributary.

Length of the river 36 km, the catchment area 399 km ². Starts in Latvia at Ukrai , 11 km to the west from Zagare town. Flowing into southwest approx. 5 kilometers in Latvia, below to the mouth in Lithuania. Flows into Venta 229 km from its mouth, 7 km to east from Vieksniai town. Average gradient 61 cm / km. Average discharge below the river Nyzuva 0.40 m³ / s, at Akmene town 1.72 m³ / s (max. 73.4 m³ / s, min. 0.02 m³ / s), below the river Pragalvis 2.20 m³ / s, at the mouth 2 39 m³ / s. In dry summers in some places the river is dry.

All year. Not recommended in dry summer

Few strainers and shallows

WW 0 (1-)

Distance from the mouth

20.5  Sablauskai HPP dam. Height 4 m, the pond area 125 hectares. left Sablauskai. The gradient to Skretiskes 37 cm / km. The current calm. The banks are low. The river width  5-10 m. Riverbed partially straightened. A bit downstream the shallow. In the river may be a few strainers.

19.9 left Sablauskis.

19.8 Railway bridge.

19.5 Bridge. right Alkiskiai.

18.3 right Smarkupis. right Alkiskiai.

17.8 right Smiltine.

17.0 Pedestrian bridge.

14.9 Bridge. left Dabikine. right Smiltine.

13.3  Road Venta - Naujoji Akmene bridge. right Akmene.

12.5 Bridge. Akmene.

12.3 left Gulbinas.

12.0 Bridge. Underr the bridge small rapid. right Akmene.

10.9 Bridge. right Akmene. left Tupikai.

10.2 right Akmenupis. right Akmene.

8.1 left Pragalvys.

8.0 Bridge. left Dabikinele. right Padvareliai.

7.6 right Rudupis. right Rudupiai. left Dabikinele.

5.7 right Skretiske. The gradient to the mouth 63 cm / km. Valley brighter. The current a little faster.

4.9 Small bridge.

2.3 left Liuisis. Bridge. right Dainoriai. left Viliosiai.

1.5 Railway bridge.

1.4 Bridge.

1.3  Mazeikiai - Kursenai road bridge.

0.7 right Ringupis.

0.0 The Dabikine flows into the river Venta.

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