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The river Dysna (the river Daugava tributary, Ignalina district)

The river Dysna flows in Lithuania and Belarus, the river Daugava left tributary.

Length of the river 197 km (in Lithuania 77 km), the catchment area 8193 km ² (726 km ² in Lithuania). The river flows out from the lake Parsvetas at Dukstas village. Flowing through the lakes Dysnai and Dysnyksciai to SE, 30 km runs the Lithuania - Belarus border, continue to Belarus. Flows into the Daugava River 423 km from its mouth, at Dysna city. The riverbed average width of the upper section 10-15 m, of the middle section 20-35 m, of the lower section 70-90 m. Depth of the river from 0.6 to 1.2 m. The gradient to the lake Dysnai 117 m / km. The banks of the middle section lower than in the upper and lower sections. Current speed 0.2-0.4 m / s, max. 1.4 m / s. Average rated discharge  at Lithuania - Belarus border 3.59 m³ / s.

All year

Few strainers, in summer the river overgrown, dam

WW 0

Distance from the mouth

187.3  To begin paddling convenient 2 km south from Dukstas town at Moliakalnis village on wooded  northern shore of the lake Dysnai. The lake area 2403 ha, a maximum depth 6 m,  average depth 3 m. There are five islands (total area 8.6 ha). The lake is silty, but at some places are sandy and shallow water areas. The coastal covered with trees, shrubs, in places forest. The biggest part of the lake in summer is covered with water plants.

179.9 The Dysna flowing out from southeast corner of the lake Dysnai. Average gradient to the lake Dysnyksciai 17 cm / km.
178.7 The Dysna  flows into the lake Dysnyksciai. The lake area 561 ha, a maximum depth of 5 m, a one 3.2 ha island. Shores are low, mainly swampy, overgrown bushes, in places forest.  left Lesniske.

175.2 The river flowing out from the southeast corner of the lake. The river slowly flows through forests. The riverbed width 15-20 m.

174.0 Bridge. right Gedziuneliai. left Dvarykscius.

172.7 left Gedziunai. Begins the Padysnys pond. On the left bank forest, on the right bank some woods. The pond looks like a broad river. Average width 150 m.

171.8 right Navikai.

169.3 left Polianka.

168.5 right Veziupis flows from the lake. right Jonionys.

168.2 Padysnys HPP dam. Height 3 m, the pond area 307 ha. The current calm, the riverbed width 8-20 m. Coastal scenic, wooded, swampy in places. Most of the banks is low overgrown reeds, but there is no shortage and higher, sandy banks. Can be few strainers.  Average gradient to the river Audenis 34 cm / km.

168.0 Road Jonionys - Pamune bridge.

167.2 left Munelis flows from the lake.

165.9 Bridge. right Meliatiltis.

164.2 left Raibenis.

164.1 right hillfort Mieliatiltis.

163.1 Bridge. left Jursenai.

161.9 right Audenis flows from the lake. Average gradient to the road Ignalina - Kacergiske - Cesiulenai bridge 34 cm / km.

161.4 left Seskine.

159.5 right 1.5 km from the river, behind the forest hillfort Ruokiške.

158.0 right Prociunai.

156.8 right Ringe.

156.5  Road Ignalina - Kacergiske - Cesiulenai bridge. left Moline. right Kacergiske.

154.3 The Dysna flowing Lithuania - Belarus border.

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